How I’ve Made $600 Through Ebates…It’s Legit

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So you know I talk travel and money so let’s get into this free coin…Ebates! My lovely friend Brystle and I consistently let each other know about how to save and make money and to be honest, when she first put me on to Ebates I said what you all are probably  thinking… “You mean the company with those cheesy commercials? Isn’t that a scam?”

No, it’s not.

And if you shop online (in some cases, even in stores) or book travel without an Ebates account, you are literally leaving money on the table.



I joined Ebates in December of 2016 and that’s right…I’ve earned close to $600 for clicking links.

How does it work?

Ebates gets a commission from stores when you make a purchase and shares it with you. First, register and make an account.

Follow my referral link for a $10 cash bonus!

The very important key is to always find the store on ebates.com prior to making your purchase. Then you just shop normally on the store site. Once the purchase is qualified, you’ll earn Cash Back! Even better—you can get a PayPal payment. This worked for me as I’d otherwise be posted up at my mailbox like…

So let’s say I want to shop at Macy’s, I simply type Macy’s in the search bar:

Next I click on the store, and I’ll be taken to the site after hitting “shop now”. The 12% indicates how much I will earn from my purchase. That’s it! You’ll know you’re successful if you see a message such as:

All you have to do next is count the coinage!

If you book all your travel online…you’ve REALLY been missing out. But that’s okay, “Come here, let me coach you!”

Sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Marriott and Priceline are ALL on Ebates, with the potential to earn between 5-7% back in cash. Umm, these are vacations were talking. That’s a pretty penny, here’s some trips that I booked using Ebates.

Anywho, I think you get the point!

“How do you always remember to click through the site first”—I don’t. There is an Ebates Cash Back Button you can download that will remind you to activate Cash Back directly at store sites!

Happy Shopping, and Earning through Ebates! 

Live footage of Kylina (my twin sister) and I as we counted our first Ebates checks!




Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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10 thoughts on “How I’ve Made $600 Through Ebates…It’s Legit

  1. Brystle Guy

    Great post! You know I love me some Ebates! I, too, thought it was a scam or some catch to it at first, so I had to vet it out before I spread the word to anyone else. Who can pass up free money!? Every penny counts 🙂

    1. Ki Post author

      That’s exactly what it is! FREE money. I’m so happy you pointed me this way. The travel dollars really changed the game for me too!

      Thanks for your comments 😀

  2. Trina

    You put me on to Ebates March of 2017. I was definitely skeptical at first. But then I thought about it… Kiara don’t play about her coins…so I signed up. Ebates is legit and they’ve been giving me free money since I signed up. And they’re about to give me more with all the online Christmas shopping that I’m about to do. Thanks for putting me on lady!

    1. Ki Post author

      You got me cracking up with your “Kiara don’t play about her coins” comment!

      Cause listen…You are absolutely right!

      Tis the season to make some Ebates money! Thanks for your comments! XO

  3. Meka

    Great Post!!! I’ve always see the commercials but never really gave it any thought on joining. Thanks to you and the information you provided, I will be signing up. Thanks for sharing 😁

    1. Ki Post author


      Thank you! Yup. I paid the commercials no mind either until my friend delivered her testimony to me, But God! LOL.

      Happy shopping & earning with Ebates, you won’t regret it!

  4. Kim

    I LOVE Ebates and nothing makes me happier then getting that extra cash back. Sometimes they even run specials doubling or tripling the cash back they typically offer. Be sure to look out for those during the holidays!

    1. Ki Post author

      Yup. I got the Macy’s double cashback last week when I brought my nieces birthday gift and last night I got a expensive Groupon for home services…20% off promo code AND $4.37 cash back coming my way=winner, winner, chicken dinner!

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I know you been hip this Ebates game!

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