4 Reasons Why You Should Go to Martinique

I did a poll on my Instagram asking my followers which one of my 2017 trips they’d like commentary on and Martinique came to a close second after Spain! I traveled to Martinique in March of 2017 and as they say, the rest is history. It ignited my urge to keep going and was the beginning of my “Year of the Passport.” I loved Martinique, a French Caribbean Island, and here are four reasons why I think you’ll love it too.

1. It’s Affordable.

Martinique isn’t exactly a popular destination for Americans. In fact, 66% of tourists originate from France, and a recent uptick in visitors from North America is accredited to easier access to the island.

When I travelled to Martinique it ran me $460 for a long weekend (3 nights), flight and hotel. I flew Norwegian from BWI, nonstop! Unfortunately for my local readers based in the DC/Baltimore area, Norwegian removed BWI from their roster due to poor yields. I did, however, do some research and see it’s still not an expensive trip, and you can get there from some places like NYC still for under $600 for a long weekend, flight and hotel again included.

I stayed at the Hotel Corail Residence, a quiet hotel that was close to the beach and employed a family that was both friendly and knowledgeable.

This was the view from our hotel and the first time I ever woke up and cried at nature’s beauty. That is no postcard, no filter. This is Martinique!

2. The Beaches.

The beaches in Martinique boast white sand and crystal clear waters. Besides being picturesque, they give off such serene vibes as they are not crowded and extremely peaceful.
Although I opted to relax and soak up the sun, I have heard that the particular beach I visited, Anse Mabouya, is fantastic for snorkeling.

Whether you visit a beach in Martinique that has soft and white sands or is black and volcanic, you are sure to have your breath taken away. Remember to bring your good camera!

3. The Food.

Imagine delectable Caribbean dishes with Creole and French twists. And an abundance of fresh seafood and fruits that equate to heavenly juices such as mango or papaya?

Martinique is also considered by some to be the rum capital of the world. One meal I had in Martinique has not been able to escape my memory for close to two years. It was a grilled lobster dinner, accompanied with salad and french fries at the La Baraqu’Obama Restaraunt and Grill 🙂

You come for the name, and leave with happy taste buds. I mean, just take a look at this meal!

4. It Feels Exclusive.

Again, Martinique is not a touristy island. Martinique is not home to any hotel chains and there are no all-inclusive options.

You should commit to visiting while most Americans still ignore this gem of a island, especially if you prefer to engage in authentic island culture, prior to tourism increasing more.

Know before you go…

1. French is the language of the island. If you don’t speak French, like me, expect to encounter a language barrier or two.
2. Don’t expect 5-Star-Service. Nothing is fast about the service in Martinique. Some staff aren’t exactly bubbly. For example, I waited for quite some time for my lobster meal with no apology, but I forgot after the first bite!
3. You may want to rent a car and know how to drive a stick shift. Taxis are expensive and there is no Uber. Take note!
4. Cash is king at a lot of businesses, so make plans to bring your Euros. I was laughed at when I tried to use USD!

Have you been to Martinique? If so, did it steal your heart as well? Let’s chat!



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