10 Things I Don’t Travel Without

Ever get to the airport or hotel and say “DAG! I wish I packed XYZ?”

Hey Travel Addicts! Happy Holidays! In this post I will chat about what items are must haves for me when I travel, from the airport to the actual destination. It’s right on time for those of you shopping for travelers!

1.Neck Roll. I actually need a new one, but I can’t imagine sleeping in a upright position without one. On longer flights, when complimentary pillows are issued, I put it behind my back and both the neck roll and pillow equate to comfort! The Bcozzy pillow has a great reputation and I love the snap strap.

2. Travel Blanket. I love my travel blanket because we all know how frozen both airports and planes can be! Because it is travel sized–it doesn’t take up much space in my carry-on. Check out travel blanket/pillow combos.

3. Headphones. Music and movies just make everything better.

What screaming baby? Of course Bose headphones are known to do a great job of canceling noise. I wouldn’t know…can’t afford them!

4. Emergen-C. I was coming back from almost every international trip sick! I came back from both Spain and Italy with no voice! I was complaining about this to a friend and she suggested I start taking Emergen-C prior to flying, to fight off in-flight bugs, and the problem has been solved!

I went to Croatia in June with a large group and when we got back we took a poll. Sixty-one percent of the group got sick…not this girl!

5. Lounge Access. So credit card perks may have made me a bit of a snobby traveler, but I cringe at the thought of not having access to comfort, free food, drinks and peace of mind before my journeys. We can chat offline about it, but I highly recommend the Chase Sapphire Reserve card for many travel perks, in addition to lounge access.

6. ZzzQuil. My friends and family regularly tease me for my ability to fall asleep ANYWHERE, but sometimes it’s hard for me to fall asleep on planes. ZzzQuil is my preferred sleep-aid preference and the only downside is being knocked out when the meal cart rolls around.

7. Electric Converters. I keep a few stationary in my travel bag, and without them your trip could be ruined. Most hotels keep them handy at the reception desk, but you want to have access to freely charge and use your devices, research voltage before you travel.

8. Stamps. I love sending postcards, and it’s really not the same if they aren’t sent from the location you purchased them, in my opinion. So I always keep a few stamps on me so that when I travel I can drop them off to the hotel desk or post office so my loved ones know they were on my mind while I was away.

9. Water Bottle. Because water isn’t readily available in some countries and you can also use it to fill up after security in airports. I had a coworker (who I always wondered if we were making the same amount of money) who RAVED about Yeti products and their ability to keep your water cold and your coffee hot. Anybody want to bless me?

10. Bathroom Essentials. Toilet tissue to go/portable seat covers are essential for travel to developing countries. They are easy to stow in your purse or backpacks and you’ll be glad you did!  

Thank you for reading & again HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I will be traveling for the next couple weeks, but I can’t wait to get back and share my newest journey with you! What are some things you HAVE to travel with?



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7 thoughts on “10 Things I Don’t Travel Without

  1. Brystle

    Love this list! I can’t travel without my ipod (yep i still rock an ipod!) and of course my headphones, my ipad/book, snacks (because i like to eat on demand), a cozy sweatshirt/hoodie (that’s what i use in place of a blanket), fuzzy/warm socks, and my portable charger. Definitely can’t forget my lounge access card, and I just learned about that bathroom essentials during my trip to Thailand lol.

    1. Ki Post author

      Thanks for your comments! You crack me up with this vintage iPod haha…I usually take snacks out the lounge, along with a bottle water (I can usually feel all eyes on me when I’m stashing popcorn in my purse)! I learned about the bathroom essentials in Vietnam!

  2. Dajona

    Great post! I can’t travel without Dramamine, motion sickness is no joke for me. I also must have my neck pillow, blanket, headphones, ipad, fuzzy socks and most importantly…PATIENCE!!! God is still working on me.

    1. Ki Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your comments…I definitely have to take Dramamine on cruises. I don’t usually wear fuzzy socks because I wrap my feet in blankets but I may try them next time. Patience is key because a lot of folks lack travel etiquette, LOL!

  3. Kimmeria Hall

    This is so helpful. With our upcoming trip to Africa I needed this and will be making another trip to a Walmart this week!

    1. Ki Post author

      Hi! Thank you for your comments…glad it was right on time for you. I love being prepared and the last thing I want to do when I finally start my vacation is stop at a overpriced store for something I forgot.

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