18 Incredible Foods to Try On Your Next Vacation

What usually leads to you planning a vacation?

Maybe you just got a promotion…Perhaps you just got married…Or work’s been stressing you out and you need to get away, ASAP.

There are many different circumstances that lead us to making the travel decisions we do, but I am very open about the fact that one thing is always on my mind when I choose the next place Ki Will Go…


I’m a foodie…and most of my travel experiences have introduced me to such amazing and delectable dishes! I recently reached out to five of  my favorite bloggers and friends and asked them this simple question:

“I am looking for bloggers to share the top 3 foods they’ve ever had abroad… what food blessed you on vacation that you can remember like it was yesterday?”

Then, I provided my answers:

  1. Pizza in Italy
  2. Grilled Meats in Greece
  3. Gelato in Italy

Pizza has never been the same!

The best pizza I had was in Lake Como, I had to tell the chef to come out for a kiss…that good!

Gelato in Florence!

Pork Souvlaki in Greece…incredible!

Check out what answers the Travel Queens and King provided below!



Francesca is originally a Cali girl who has been to over 20 countries and has certainly made her mark in the travel world. Most noteworthy, she’s been featured in publications to include Forbes, Essence & the Huffington Post & shows no signs of slowing down! I was so thrilled when she got back to me! Her list is as follows:

  1. Flying Fish in Barbados. It’s seasoning is nothing like she’s ever had and the side dishes they serve in Barbados are as incredible!
  2. Second would be Gelato in Italy. She’s an ice cream junkie and love that they use real pistachos in their ice cream!
  3. Third would be Jerk Pork in Jamaica. Jerk Chicken is more famous, but she loves the tenderness of the pork.



Mally is a gem. First of all, she’s HILARIOUS, she is my travel bestie in my mind, AND she proudly calls her blog a space for “regular” people who love to travel and experience new and unique things around the globe.

Mally has 20K followers on Instagram and was also recently featured in Essence! Her food choices are below:

  1. Pasta in Italy.
  2. Shrimp in Hawaii.
  3. Chicken at her mama’s house!


IG: BeyondBmore

Website re-launching soon, but check this out!

Brian is a West Baltimore resident encouraging black men to travel beyond Baltimore. I love his travel feed, and apparently I’m not the only one, he’s been featured in Essence, The Flight Deal and NOMADNESS.

Brian is debunking the international travel myth that it is expensive and difficult to pursue, one IG post at a time. Here are his choices:

  1. Pad Thai in Thailand…top notch and super cheap.
  2. The fresh tilapia and jollof rice in Ghana,  had him hooked as soon as he had it.
  3. Suya in Nigeria. If you visit, you have to try it.

Victoria Guy


Victoria Guy is working to fulfill her mission of providing high quality, white glove customer service and products that will greatly enhance the overall travel experience of clients. Her extensive travel makes her an expert in this industry, along with with her infectious smile and passion to serve others. Victoria describes trying local food as one of her favorite aspects of travel and listed the following foods:

  1. Perfectly fried cone fries in Amsterdam.
  2. Baklava in Kuwait.
  3. Mouthwatering paella in Seville, Spain.


IG: Catch_Up_With_Coco

Finally, we have Stephanie! She loves to travel and her proudest travel moment was going solo to Puerto Rico when people dropped out at the last minute. Stephanie lives in New York City (Harlem) and thinks that brunch is life! She enjoys finding travel deals and trying signature dishes wherever she goes.  Some of her favorite dishes from a few of her favorite places are listed below:

  1. Linguini ai frutti di mare (seafood linguini) from Italy, Rome to be exact.
  2. Lamb Chops in Paris
  3. Seafood paella from Cuba.

What are the foods you had on vacation that would make this list for you?

Final Thoughts

  • Seems like everything tastes better with seafood 🙂
  • I’m noticing a Italian and Paella theme…I was pretty close to adding paella to my list as well.
  • Finally…Brian is making me anxious for Africa!

Thanks for reading!



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