4 Excursion Ideas for Your Next Vacation!

Hey travel addicts! You’ve saved your money, picked your vacation destination and your accommodation is booked…now you ask for yourself:

“What am I going to do while I am there?”

Here are four things I love to do while I travel!

1.Photography Tours.

I did my first photography tour in Spain and it changed the game for me! During an international photoshoot, you are afforded the opportunity to both capture your destinations beauty by a professional photographer and get an unofficial tour guide from a local!

On most of the photo shoots I’ve done, I was able to have my photo taken in parts of cities that are only known by locals, eliminating crowds and creating the perfect shot!

Photoshoot in Paris!

2.Bike Riding.

Some travel experts will argue that there is no better way to see a country than a bike tour, and I mostly agree. At a cyclist’s pace, you see more of a country than you hoped for, while reaping the benefits of exercise.

In Spain, I felt less guilty about over-indulging on paella after my bike ride and I created unforgettable memories. This was my first time on a bike in years and I was rusty to say the least! I’m glad I got through it, and try to book bike tour excursions on most countries I visit.

Bike Riding in Croatia!


I love water, views and food, so catamarans are an easy addition to this list. Most destinations offer half or full days on the water, with a variety of water adventures and activities and meals.

Once you are docked, you can likely snorkel, swim or sightsee and have a wonderful time!

Where was my favorite catamaran ever? GREECE!

Cruising Santorini!

4.Walking Tours.

Walking tours are majorly free and led by locals. It is customary that you tip your guide, but you’ll be happy to at the conclusion of your tour that is filled with local insights, commentary and of course VIEWS!

Again, you have the opportunity to work off the vacation gluttony and you can consider it to be a workout!

Exploring local street food/nightlife in Vietnam…per local guidance!

Of course, I have 2019 trips booked, and one coming up in a few weeks…so let’s share!

What are some things you like to do on vacation?



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