5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Trip

Number 1. Travel Docs.

This is so important! Besides your passport generally needing at least six months of validity when traveling internationally, some countries require a visa to visit. I learned this after traveling to Vietnam.

Do your research! Imagine getting to the airport after spending your hard earned money on this dream vacation andddd “you can’t even get in!” *Chris Brown voice*

Now you gotta ugly cry all the way home.

Number 2. Budget.

I know some real fancy people that look and me and ask “what the heck is a travel budget?”

Sorry, mam or sir…I do not have it like that. I would have more of a “YOLO” attitude if I didn’t travel so regularly, but I do so I look at the average cost travel sites tell me I’ll need every day and try to plan/control my costs.

My guide on vacations and budgeting is here.

Number 3. Wardrobe/Packing.

Does my ticket come with 1 free checked bag?

Or do I need to be about that Carry-on Life?

Do I need evening wear?

Or just a couple of swimsuits?

I try to be strategic as possible because nothing crushes my muffins more than coming home with a suitcase full of clothes, 50% of which I did not wear, 100% of which I now have to wash. I also always remember to check the weather! I made a real rookie mistake when I went to Vietnam and checked the weather for one city. Because you know…all the weather all over the country is the same, right? NOPE. I was in a bikini on a rooftop in Ho Chi Minh and frozen in Hanoi, FROZEN!

“Man! Why can’t life always be this easy?”

Number Four Transportation.

For this, I am really stressing transportation after you get to the airport. I generally do not drive cars in foreign countries and I tend to book tours/excursions that come with transportation so I’m good, but there is nothing worse than landing and THEN having to find out how I’m getting to the hotel after doing so much traveling.

Again, the key is really doing your research. Does this country have Uber? Are there Expedia/Travelocity shuttle options with available promo codes? Does the hotel have a free shuttle? I arrange all of that prior and print necessary docs, if any, since I am known to not care about purchasing data and have to rely on WiFi internationally!

Number Five Ask A Favor of A Family Member/Friend.

If I’m going away for more than five days I usually ping my mom or dad to stop by my house to check the mail and take a second to make sure everything is in order. I usually get some sort of  a “ugh, where are you going now?” reply but they love me so they do it and I sleep better at night!

What are some of your pre-vacation routines?



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