4 Reasons Why You Should Visit the CN Tower

Hey Travelers!

I recently returned from Toronto, Canada and I had a fantastic time. I was there for Caribana!

 Caribana is a festival held every summer in Toronto to celebrate Caribbean culture.

While I had a lot of fun partying with my girls and enjoying all the feathered costumes, I loved Toronto. Toronto is full of culture, excellent restaurants, art, and is clean and safe.

My favorite part of our trip was our afternoon at the CN Tower.

It’s an iconic landmark and one of Toronto’s most visited attractions.

The destination stands at 553.55m and offers spectacular views of Toronto’s skyline.

1. 360 Tower 

Purchasing a prix fixe meal at the CN Tower 360 Restaurant earns you complimentary access to the CN Tower. Specifically, it includes access to the LookOut and Glass Floor levels, so it makes sense to dine at the restaurant as General Admission is $38.

Not only does it make sense to dine at the restaurant for financial reasons, but it really was a dining experience like I never had. I had the atlantic salmon fillet for my meal and warm maple & almond pound cake and sour cherries for dessert, scrumptious!

Not only is the food unforgettable, but you get to enjoy a magnificent revolving view of the city. 

2. The Glass Floor

Okay, it’s a little nerve wrecking, but when was the last time you got to walk on glass accompanied with a view 342 meters straight down? 

It’s designed for your fun. So don’t be afraid to walk, run or dance across this floor that is the world’s first! 

3. The Views

I can’t mention the views enough…You get a complete view of Toronto’s skyline–floor-to ceiling panoramic views to be exact, from an internationally renowned architectural triumph! 

4. The Edgewalk

I can’t comment on this CN Tower opportunity, but I am told it’s Toronto’s most extreme attraction and would love to partake one day! The tour runs for 1.5 hours and visitors walk in groups of six on a ledge around the top of the Tower’s main pod above the ground. Once past the adrenaline, participants get breathtaking views of Lake Ontario beneath them and footage of their experience. 

Photo from https://www.cntower.ca/en-ca/plan-your-visit/attractions/edgewalk/edgewalk-overview.html

My afternoon at the CN Tower ran me about $58 USD, and I have no regrets or complaints. Have you experienced the CN Tower or the restaurant yet?



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